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Continental Grain Company and Affiliates

Continental Grain Company (CGC) is a 200-year old family-owned diversified investment company and a global leader in agribusiness. CGC owns and operates food and agriculture businesses in the three most important producing and consuming regions of North America, Latin America and Asia. The company has a rich history and deep networks in the food and agriculture industry and continues to build long-term value in partnership with exceptional management teams. Arlon benefits from CGC's extensive relationships and experience in the food and agriculture industries which it leverages to build relationships and enhance understanding of cyclical and secular trends.

Arlon's investment teams work collaboratively with CGC across geographies to share insights, intelligence and expertise that help identify compelling, high-growth and long-term investment opportunities. CGC has a global network of relationships that provides valuable industry and operational expertise.

Continental Grain Company

Continental Grain Company Investment Team

CGC is dedicated to working with its existing partners to pursue strategic opportunities in varying businesses, while taking advantage of new investment opportunities. As part of this effort, CGC's Investment Team makes public, direct and commodity-related investments that fall outside the scope of Arlon's investment universe. Arlon's relationship with CGC's investment team provides greater insight into their vast array of complimentary knowledge.

Continental Capital Limited

Continental Capital Limited

Continental Capital Limited (CCL) is CGC's affiliate in Asia, and CCL invests in private food and agriculture companies, with a focus on China. The CCL team is as an invaluable information resource within primary global demand driver for Arlon.

Boulder Food Group

Boulder Food Group

Boulder Food Group (BFG) Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage food, beverage, and dietary supplement companies in the U.S. and Canada. Arlon's relationship with BFG Partners continues our active engagement and dialogue with emerging food companies and trends.

Operating Partners

Arlon utilizes the significant business experience of our Operating Partners to provide valuable industry and operational expertise to our portfolio companies. Arlon's Operating Partners work with our investment and management teams to execute strategic plans, provide hands-on managerial expertise and supplement management teams, and serve as active board members.

Arlon Programs

Arlon Summit

Arlon hosts an annual networking event for global operators to discuss current trends and themes in the market and business best practices in the food and agriculture industry. The Summit provides Arlon with access to appropriate resources and reinforces proprietary deal sourcing relationships across the value chain.

Arlon Graduate Trainee Program

The Graduate Trainee Program is Arlon's management training program, which places recent college graduates in a rotational program in Arlon portfolio companies.